Date/Time Course Coordinator
Thu May 23 9:30am Mountain Creek Bob Spinney
Sun May 26 13pm Hautes Plaines Bob Spinney
Tue May 28 9am The Marshes Bill Laidlaw
Thu May 30 7am Metcalfe Bob Spinney
Tue Jun 4 8am eQuinelle Ray Saumur
Thu Jun 6 9:30am Gatineau Paul Chartrand
Tue Jun 11 9am Carleton Daniel Crepeau
Wed Jun 12 11am Le Sorcier Ray Saumur
Tue Jun 18 9am Casselview Bill Laidlaw
Thu Jun 20 10am Stonebridge Paul Chartrand
Tue Jun 25 7am Metcalfe Daniel Crepeau
Thu Jun 27 8am Manderley Bob Spinney
Sun Jun 30 8am Mountain Creek Ray Saumur
Tue Jul 2 8am Stittsville Paul Chartrand
Thu Jul 4 8am eQuinelle Bill Laidlaw
Tue Jul 9 9:30am Upper Canada Bob Spinney
Thu Jul 11 9am The Marshes Ray Saumur
Tue Jul 16 9am Carleton Daniel Crepeau
Thu Jul 18 7am Metcalfe Paul Chartrand
Tue Jul 23 9:30am Mountain Creek Ray Saumur
Thu Jul 25 12pm Casselview Daniel Crepeau
Sun Jul 28 9am Dragonfly Bill Laidlaw
Thu Aug 1 9:30am Eagle Creek Paul Chartrand
Tue Aug 6 10am Prescott Ray Saumur
Thu Aug 8 9:30am Gatineau Daniel Crepeau
Tue Aug 13 7am Metcalfe Bill Laidlaw
Thu Aug 15 8am The Marshes Daniel Crepeau
Tue Aug 20 9am Casselview Bob Spinney
Thu Aug 22 9:30am Mountain Creek Paul Chartrand
Tue Aug 27 9:30am Montebello Brian Kebic
Thu Aug 29 8:30am Champlain Daniel Crepeau
Sun Sep 1 9:30am Brockville Bob Spinney
Tue Sep 3 11am eQuinelle Ray Saumur
Wed Sep 4 8:30am Le Sorcier Bob Spinney
Thu Sep 5 8:30am Le Sorcier Bill Laidlaw
Tue Sep 10 8am Canadian Bob Spinney
Thu Sep 12 7:30am Metcalfe Ray Saumur
Tue Sep 17 8:30am Prescott Paul Chartrand
Thu Sep 19 8am Manderley Bill Laidlaw
Tue Sep 24 9:30am Mountain Creek Paul Chartrand
Thu Sep 26 9am Casselview Bill Laidlaw
Sun Sep 29 10:30am Carleton Daniel Crepeau
Tue Oct 1 10am Metcalfe Brian Kebic